(sold for pet consumption in Georgia):file0001926667793

Carlton Farms – Rockmart, GA
Raw cow’s milk, free-range eggs, raw cheese, honey, grassfed meats (when available)
770-546-5179 or 770-684-3789 Deliveries available weekly at various points around the Atlanta area. http://www.carltonfarm.com/ Go to the dairy section of his website and order there, specifying the pick up location you want. You can get on his weekly e-mail list and then order from that.
Vegetables – Chad brings vegetables as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) from his organic farmer friend, Dave Bentoski. You can sign up for Spring, Summer, and Fall for fresh picked veggies.

West Wind Farms – Deer Lodge Tennessee
Ralph and Kimberlie Cole
Bi-weekly delivery to convenient locations; check their website.
Certified organic grassfed beef, pork, poultry; raw milk; many other products
wwwfarms@highland.net; www.grassorganic.com

Farms Fresh Foods – Winston, GA

Waldrop  Freddy Waldrop
Raw jersey milk, organically grown free range eggs, vegetables, grass fed beef
404-277-3753 or 770-355-4250. His milk is excellent and he sells raw butter as well.
My Dad & Me Family Farm – Powder Springs, GA
Daniel & Susan Hammond
(678) 567-1826. www.mydadandmefamilyfarm.com
Raw cow’s milk, free range eggs, vegetables, blueberries, yogurt.

The Good Shepherd Family Farm – McDonough, GA
Raw cow’s milk, free range eggs.
Call Kevin at (770) 274-9093 for milk and egg ordering information.

_DSC0426-2 Raven’s Haven Dairy Goats –  Bremen, GA
Autumn & JJ Eidson
Raw Goat Milk, free range chicken eggs  available.
Delivery available to Atlanta area once a  week. 770-537-2778  www.freewebs.com/ravenshaven

Country Gardens Farm & Nursery – Newnan, GA
Mike & Judy Cunningham 770-251-2673 www.countrygardensfarm.com
They have raw dairy, vegetables, meat, eggs, breads, etc. at the farm and at some farmers markets.

Montage Farm – Dacula, GA. Raw cow & goat milk for pets, artisan cheese, pastured eggs, produce. Available on-farm or thru GA Whole-Life Co-op apeevy@montagefarm.com ; www.montagefarm.com

David Cowart – Suwanee, GA. Raw goat milk for pets
(770) 886-0959; cowart_d@bellsouth.net

Rancho Alegre Farm – Dacula, GA. Pilar Qintero
Raw Jersey cow and goat milk; pastured eggs; organic produce; other products
www.ranchoalegrefarm.com 770-339-3065file000899033376

Johnston Family Farm – Newborn, GA. Raw cow’s milk, buttermilk, cream
Russel Johnston: 706-247-5023 (before 6pm) Info@JohnstonFamilyFarm.com
www.johnstonfamilyfarm.com Pick up in Cumming.

Amos Miller’s Organic Farm – Bird-in-Hand, PA
Amos Miller 717-556-0718 Call to place an order, he is Amish and has no computer. Amos makes deliveries to Kennesaw every month – All raw dairy, including raw butter; beef, pork, cultured veg, chicken, turkey, treats, etc.
Cyndi Tufts is in charge of the delivery, and can give you all the details: 770-886-1509
pilatesorganic@gmail.com . You join the Healthy Food Club for $25 for ordering privileges.

Triangle Farm – Aaronsburg, PA
Elmer King 814-349-4890 This is an Amish farmer who sells raw butter to ship. Call to order.

Sustainable Living Acres – Bird-in-Hand, PA
David Stoltzfus 717-665-0280 This is an Amish farmer who ships raw butter, including cultured butter.


 Courtesy of Weston A. Price