Yesterday’s Kitchen 4  Today putting the “Power of Good  Health Back Into the Hands of the  People.”


Yesterday’s Kitchen For Today, LLC is here to alert consumer to healthy ways of cooking using natural and traditional tools and resources.
We educate on the benefits of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. We train how to use hand cranks and electric mills.

We demonstrate the many different grains and how to cook with them; To put the power of good health back into the hands of the people.

To educate and train people with information and books on herbs, grains, natural cures, and prevention of bad health.

What We Do? Sponsor Home Parties, Sponsor Classes and Workshops where our consumers learn the skills of healthy cooking.

Types of parties, classes, and workshops include:        

Grain Parties

Canning PartiesIMG_2517

Dairy Parties

Good Health Speakers and Tips

Our mission is to disseminate the value of healthy preparation and cooking of foods.

Inform consumers of the ingredients in the foods that are bought.
Prepare to make healthy meals during emergencies, such as;
Nature Storms
Economic Storms

GNOWFGLINS e-books: Fundamentals I and II,
Sourdough A to Z, Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese, Lacto-Fermentation, and Real Food
Kids. Also online classes on sourdough, cultured dairy, cheese, etc. and great menu

Nourished Kitchen – Reviving Traditional Foods Online cooking classes and meal plans.

Cooking Traditional Foods Real Food cooking
school – lacto fermentation class, gluten & dairy free training course, also budget menu
mailers, recipes, books, podcasts, e-books, etc.

Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking