Welcome to Right2KnowRight2Grow!!! We are people just like you that want to have a say about what we eat. We are dedicated to spreading the continual message that we should have the right to know what companies are using as ingredients in the food we consume and the right to grow our own as necessary.

Our R2KR2G organization sprang up organically as a result of listening to the community of supporters around the March Against Monsanto Atlanta. In the process of talking to people about the march, we discovered two types of unmet needs among those who are opposed to the proliferation of GMOs, toxic factory farming, food injustice, monopolization of seeds, depletion of soil, and the many other woes inherent in our modern food chain. There are the unmet needs of the providers of food that is grown the right way, and also the consumers who want to know where their food comes from. Ergo, Right2KnowRight2Grow was born. Our main intentions with R2KR2G are:

  •  to connect local growers and farmers directly with discerning food shoppers,
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  •  to create a marketplace for the exchange of quality goods and services,
  • to bring awareness to the availability of local resources,
  • to share information freely where it is readily accessible
  • to promote a positive, proactive approach to growing a sustainable healthy lifestyle free from GMOs.