It’s ON!!! The March in Atlanta will begin at Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag. What an awesome setting to gather as ONE, to stand in solidarity against Monsanto and GMO foods!!!
Come on out and make YOUR voice heard!!!!

On May 23, millions of people from around the world will once again March Against Monsanto, calling for the permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals.We will be marching and educating on the dangers of GMO’s and teaching ways to make the best choices for a GMO-free lifestyle.Our march will be held at Truly Living Center for Natural Urban Ag, May 23, 2015.We will post march routes soon.Parking: NEARBY PARKING:195 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue Parking Lot (0.22 miles W)
Martin Luther King Jr Historic Site Parking Lot (0.25 miles NE)
75 Piedmont Avenue Parking Garage (0.27 miles W)
MARTA: King Memorial Station, Decatur Street Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30312, USAWhat to bring:

Please wear red or a fun costume to show support and solidarity
Sunscreen (it will be hot)
Walking shoes
You can also bring a drum

Why We March

Support GMO labeling
Support local farms
Protect our environment and food supply
Promote organic solutions
Expose the cronyism between big business and the government
Bring accountability to those responsible for the corruption

If you are interested in volunteering with this event please let us know.



These Two Maps Show Exactly How American Agriculture Actually Works

What is the most lucrative crop in your home state, and where exactly does it go after it’s harvested?

These two questions are the focus of a new article and accompanying maps on the Huffington Post (see this link), which focus on what percentage of crops grown go to animal feed (in terms of agricultural income earned) and what the most lucrative crop is for each state.

As the author Joe Satran noted, most of the states’ top crops go to animal feed, a surprising fact that he had not been aware of.

“For well over half the states, field corn, soybeans or hay was the crop that generated the most cash in 2012, the latest year for which data are available,” Satran notes.

“Though a small share of some of these crops does eventually get eaten by humans, in the form of things like soy lecithin and high-fructose corn syrup, most of it is fed to animals raised for meat or dairy.”

The most lucrative food crops in each state. Via Joe Satran/Huffington Post, USDA and NASS data.

Most corn and soy is genetically engineered, and a large percentage of it goes to animal feed. Hay may also contain genetically engineered alfalfa as well.

It’s also quite interesting to note the major differences between America’s heartland, where meat and dairy (and growing the crops to feed the animals that produce them) are the major focus; and the coastal areas, where fruits and vegetables are the focus.


To see the second map and to learn more, click on this link.

Yield | Testimonies on the suicides of Indian farmers from Vidarbha

“With so much collusion between the regulators and the industries they regulate, the laws governing our daily lives have become excessive, unnecessary and downright nonsensical. Keeping the public safe and free is no longer the goal of a number of our lawmakers.”

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